Introduction to Hand Sewing the Alabama Chanin Way

A brief introduction to Alabama Chanin, a discussion of the physics of sewing, a swatch to practice stitches and techniques and a sample swatch to make in the technique of your choice.  Finished swatches can then be made into a one of a kind piece such as pillows, purses, book covers, etc.


Re-shirt my T Shirt

In this workshop you will bring a T shirt you would like to transform the Alabama Chanin way.  Using patterns, stitches and embellishments you’ll turn your old T shirt into a piece of art.


Host A Party

In 2015 Alabama Chanin launched a program called Host A Party where if you gather 6 or so friends, and you all choose to work on the same DIY kit, the host will receive their kit for free.  I can help the host facilitate your Host A Party by bringing the necessary tools needles, scissors and instructions for your party to be a success.  See the Alabama Chanin website for more details