MeMadeMay Week 1

On Sunday the first of May, while trolling instagram, I learned about the MeMadeMay challenge.  If you would like to learn more about it visit

In a nutshell, here was my pledge:
I, Sue (@smmczyk) (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I will strive to either wear or work on a handmade item each day of May 2016. 

So, the commitment was made real, because I put it on the internet.

Since I didn’t find out about it until the 1st there was very little planning time.  Good thing I had an Alabama Chanin project in the works because that helped me get through those days when I couldn’t wear something, I could at least stitch on the skirt panel for a bit. Bad thing was all week it was cold and rainy, I had a big project going on a work and a sick kid at home.  Ahh, such is life.

Here’s my attempt at the first week:


Sunday, May 1st, I was actually at a swim meet working on my skirt before I even knew about the challenge so that worked out well.


Monday, May 2nd, I wore my Bloomers skirt.  Didn’t love this picture so I tried a selfie.  I’ve got a lot to learn about how to take a good selfie.  And a poodle who likes to be in pictures!


Tuesday, May 3rd, it was too cold to wear anything I’ve made, and I realized I needed to do some laundry :), so I just worked on my skirt project some while waiting for my son to get out of school. You can see it’s coming along


Wednesday, May 4th, the Caps were battling the Penguins in the Stanley cup so I had to show my spirit.  They lost 😦


I made this from the Alabama Chanin corset pattern out of a Men’s large T shirt.  Love the concept, the shape and the way the felled seams look.  I used white thread and it’s a cool contrast to the red fabric.  But I still need a little work on my inseam measuring.  The pattern calls for a 1/4″ inseam and mine were a little closer to 1/2″.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal but this shirt has 8 seams so I lost about 2″ around.  Yikes, I’ve got to get back on the Whole30 so I can lose 2″ around because I like this shirt too much to not fit into it.

Thursday, May 5th, decided to wear the top I made out of the Alabama Chanin babydoll dress kit I bought awhile back and hijacked it to make separates.  I’ll fill you in on the details in my next blog post.


Again, not a great selfie, and again, Griffon the poodle, so I decided to ask my son to take my picture but I couldn’t get him up off the couch so this was all I got:


That didn’t work out much better so I tried something else:


By the way, I’m wearing the top with the A. Chanin cardigan.  Love the way these two look together.  I didn’t make it but I’m considering embellishing it one of these days.

Friday, May 6th, have to say this day got away from me.  I ended up working until 8 o’clock at night and was done!  I tried picking up my skirt project after dinner but I didn’t last very long.  I think I was in bed by 10.  Exciting Friday night!


Saturday, May 7th, another day got away from me, but this time for a better reason.  I’m moving my oldest into what was the guest room so he can have his own bathroom.  I know what you may be thinking, but it’s good to learn to share.  Well, he’s been sharing with his brother for ten years now so I think he’s got the concept.  He’s going to be heading to high school next year and I think it’s time for him to take more ownership of his own space, i.e., I want him to start cleaning up after himself more, especially in the bathroom, and I couldn’t ask him to do that while he shared a bathroom with Pigpen, his little brother. Let’s hope my little experiment works.

So, I spent the day painting and moving furniture.  I’ll put up a post about how the room turned out when we are a little closer to done.  In the meantime, here’s a peak at who will be watching over him while he sleeps:


My dad loved to make airbrush art and I love the idea of having something of my dad in my son’s room.  My dad passed away over 25 years ago and one of my great sorrows is that my sons will never get to meet him, so I try in little ways to bring a part of him into their lives.

Sunday, May 8th, Mother’s Day


Well, I thought about not writing about my day because it was a doozy, but I figure someone will get a laugh out of it and think, well at least my day wasn’t that bad.  So, the boys are late and I’m trying to get us out to church.  Boys drag their feet, oldest is excited looking at the progress in his room, youngest is too busy playing games on his phone to get his shoes on, I’m trying to get them to take a picture while I’ve got them in church clothes. Finally head out the door and oldest calls shotgun but youngest gets there first, oldest “accidentally” slams door on youngest leg, youngest starts yelling, and in all the mayhem I totally forget my mom parked in the driveway and I backed right into her car.  Nice.  So, for Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a huge dent in her bumper and scraped up my car as well.  Good thing she loves me!!  And I absolutely love her.  And loved telling her about how her taking me to the fabric store when I was young, and how she made us clothes and knitted us sweaters has inspired me to become a maker too.  So happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there who might read this.  Here are my words of wisdom for you today; You never know what an impact your passions will have on your children, and you may want to park on the street.


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