Hi, I’m Sue Makarczyk Manley.  I am a Mother, Maker, Dreamer and Doer.  I grew up in a family of artists and inventors and although I’ve always been crafty, I never really thought of myself as an artisan until I discovered Alabama Chanin several years ago.

I was initially attracted not only to their clothes, but their mission, “We preserve traditions of community, design, producing and living arts by examining work and life through the art of storytelling, photography, education and making.”  


I was lucky enough to meet Natalie Chanin in November 2016 and I was humbled by her humanity, her creativity and her generosity – open sourcing her designs and techniques.

When I wear a garment I made through her “The School of Making” DIY kits, or an Alabama Chanin garment, or even one I’ve started from scratch, I feel that I honor myself, my community and my environment.  Alabama Chanin garments are all organic cotton grown in Texas, spun and dyed in South Carolina and sewn by artisans in Alabama who earn a living wage.

I was so motivated by the Alabama Chanin mission, I asked Natalie if I can share her story, sell her making supplies and hopefully empower others to discover their inner artisan.  I hope you will join me in this endeavor or just stop by my blog to see what I’m up to.

“You can copy somebody who you like very much.  Copy it and copy it until at the end of the copy you have found yourself.”  -Yohji Yamamoto, Japanese Fashion Designer



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to see the Alabama Chanin mission taken out into the world in a different way!

    BTW the dress you’re in rhe photo above illustrates perfectly why we sew…the garment is a perfect foil for your coloring!


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