One Goal Missed, One Goal Made

As with many goals in life, sometimes we fall short.  I think as long as we acknowledge our efforts and forgive ourselves we learn just as much from what we don’t accomplish as what we do.

In this case, I dropped the ball on MeMadeMay.  I actually didn’t drop the ball on the spirit of the month, to wear or make something homemade every day (thanks to an ongoing DIY skirt kit from Alabama Chanin), but I did drop the ball on recording my progress.  You see, my son’s Destination Imagination team made it to Global Finals which happens every year in Knoxville, TN the week before Memorial Day.  I went down and spent the week with his team. It was a great experience, not only for him, but for me as well.  A whole week surrounded by people who value creativity.  The maker in me was in heaven, the introvert in me, not so much.

Team moms getting ready for the ride to Knoxville (that’s me wearing my MeMade bloomers skirt and corset)

If you’ve never heard of Destination Imagination, here’s a little video they played during the opening ceremony – (psst – that’s my son dancing on the blocks at 1:52)

Here’s a list of some of the highlights:

  • Meeting our buddy team from South Korea
  • Trading pins with people from all over the world
  • Seminars such as “How to Solve the World’s Problems”
  • Sneaking around in the prop room and seeing the amazing things these kids made out of everyday ordinary items
  • The NASA exhibit
  • And of course, The Duck Tape Ball

So, to wrap up my MeMadeMay experience: I will absolutely do it again next year, it’s wonderful to challenge yourself.  I did learn a lot about what I do and don’t wear and now it’s time to clean out my closet.  My clothes don’t necessarily reflect my life.  My results: I didn’t even touch my mending pile but I did make an Alabama Chanin A-line top and long sleeve bolero, plus I got really far in the detail stitching of my fitted skirt.

June was a bit of a disaster for me.  The end of school always brings on that final academic push as well as projects and parties.  This was my first year since my oldest started kindergarten that I haven’t been on the PTA but I still find myself volunteering at school as much as I can.  And this year, my oldest graduated middle school so there were a lot of opportunities.  I’ve got to get it in while I can because I understand high schoolers aren’t as forgiving about seeing their mom hanging around.  He already won’t let me post any pictures of him on my social media – and I can respect that.


I did accomplish one goal in June.  I finished my skirt to complete my fourth of July project.  Well, not exactly finished, it still has pockets I need to stitch and sew on, but it’s wearable for the holiday and that makes me happy.

Since this top didn’t turn out to match the bloomers skirt I think I’m going to try some fun detailing on it.

Next up, I’m inspired by Alabama Chanin’s Collection #30 with it’s neutral colors (like the Rita jacket) and I’m working on a sleeveless bolero.  Here’s a peak:


I got a little ahead of myself when I picked up this jewelry at a friends show but I’m using it as inspiration to finish this latest piece.  At least, thats the goal!