#MMMay2017 week three

Week three and I’m running out of steam and me made clothes.  Lots of repeats this week but it is forcing me to find new ways to wear the same clothes.  Add a layer here, a piece of jewelry there, change up the shoes, mix and match with other pieces in my closet.  That’s what this month is all about and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to play in their closet.


Monday, May 15th – warm enough to go sleeveless

Swing Skirt – This was the very first Alabama Chanin piece I ever made.  I bought this as a DIY kit from #theschoolofmaking.  It was featured on the cover of Natalie’s first book, Alabama Stitch Book

color: Apple top layer, Brunette bottom layer, Brown thread

stencil: Bloomers in Alabama Red

treatment: reverse applique, seams on the right side

Tuesday, May 16th – driving carpool

Fitted Skirt – This skirt was also from a kit.  You’ve seen this one repeated a lot because it is so versatile and easy to wear.  I love everything about it!

color: Peacock top layer, Peacock bottom layer, Navy thread

stencil: Magdelena

treatment: reverse applique, felled seams on the wrong side


Wednesday, May 17th – One of the craziest things about living in Virginia is how fast the temperature can change.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that we can see four seasons in one week.  Wednesday hit 95 degrees.

Corset – The second DIY kit a ever bought was a corset.  Although the showed it in white and it came with red beads, I decided I wanted something to match my Bloomers skirt so I ordered it in Brunette.  I was still such a novice that I didn’t even attempt to put the beads on.  And, since I knew I would be wearing it in Summer, I only used one layer of the kit to make this corset.  (I used the other layer in my spoonflower corset)

color: Brunette, Brown thread

treatment: floating seams on the wrong side, herringbone stitch on the binding


Thursday, May 18th – Off to a PTA meeting.  Another repeat but this dress is just so easy to throw on and wear everywhere.

Tank Dress – with a custom added pockets 🙂

color: Navy top layer, Navy bottom layer, Navy thread

stencil: Facets

treatment: negative reverse applique, felled seams on the wrong side, Herringbone stitch on the binding


Friday, May 19th – Headed out to the theater with some girlfriends.

Corset – I wanted to dress up a little so I wore my corset that I beaded.

color: Black single layer, Black thread

treatment: felled seams on the wrong side with bugle beads on the front seams, Herringbone stitch with chop beads on the binding


Saturday, May 20th – I spent the day out in the garden and cleaning house so when I cleaned up, all I wanted to do was put on some comfy jammies, and a bolero to keep me warm.

Long Sleeve Bolero – I made the from the pattern in Alabama Studio Sewing and Design.  This was my very first time putting on sleeves.  I made it thinking that I was going to put beading on the sleeves.  I’ll commit right here to give it a try and when you see it next May, it will have beading that will look like this:

Red beaded sleeve

color: Carmine single layer, Red thread ( I meant to buy the same color red as the Bloomers skirt I wore on Monday but……things happen)

treatment: Herringbone stitch on the binding


Sunday, May 21st – So, this picture is actually of the piece I was sewing Sunday morning and not what I wore.  I wore the Spoonflower shirt and the Long Sleeve Bolero with a pair of jeans to a great friends birthday party.  I’m waiting for her to text me some pictures.  So, I’ll tell you about this project

Fitted Dress – This is from the pattern in Alabama Studio Sewing and Design.  I had a friend use some Pewter fabric for a scarf so I decided to use the rest to try an experiment.  I love a built-in shelf bra and I decided to try and make a pattern for and sew in a shelf bra in this dress.

color: Pewter single layer, Doeskin appliqué and binding, Natural thread

stencil: Appliqués are cut in New Leaves stencil

treatment: floating seams on the wrong side, Herringbone stitch on the binding

So, here’s why I’ve posted this picture.  I need to reinforce the seam in the front around the bust.  Anyone have a good suggestion on the best way to do that?  I measured the fabric for the shelf bra to hit right below my breasts but when I sewed it in along with the binding, it now falls a little short.  I need to add the fold over elastic from Alabama Chanin and hopefully it will bring it in right where I need it.

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  1. I love seeing the different ideas – even wearing your pieces with pjs 😉 haven’t seen the walking cape yet…


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