Where did June go?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day while we were walking our dogs; the topic, transitions are hard.  In my case, the transition into summer vacation.  It started the end of May when my volunteer job, co-chair of the 8th grade dance, kicked in.  I lost track of Me Made May, stopped wearing all me-made, and didn’t have time to get any good selfies when I did.  And, the few selfies I did take were me in the car because that’s where I found myself most of the time.


A-Line Shirt – single layer.  This was my first attempt at a mitered V neck.  Ironically, I have since decided to shorten this shirt by about three inches.

Color: Carmine, Red thread

Treatment:  seams on the wrong side, herringbone stitch on the binding

I have to admit, wearing something me made everyday got hard.  Not necessarily because I don’t have enough Me-Made clothes; sometimes, I just wanted to wear work out clothes all day …  or shorts and I don’t have enough cool/casual tops to make that work … and then some days, you just don’t want to “have” to wear something you made.  I like to wear my clothes because they make me smile, not because I “have” to.  That’s not to say I won’t try again next year.

I was still creative at the end of May.  I started to play around a bit with my new air brush/compressor and had a fun idea for the 8th grade dance.  The school’s mascot is a raider so I made some stencils and created a photo backdrop using a sheet.

Go Raiders!


I used stencil paper and a light box to create this stencil.  Paper was much easier to cut which was important with all the small pieces in this design, but I used the paper stencil eight different times on the backdrop and each time it became more difficult to keep all the pieces where they belonged, and it fell apart right after the last one.

Best co-chairs ever!

I didn’t blog in June, but I did get a few projects done:


I added the folded elastic to the “shelf bra” that I put in the fitted dress I made in May.  It worked out great and I love it.

I started a new project that I thought was going to be totally from scratch. I airbrushed a half yard of white fabric with Angie’s Falls stencil (using a lightened silver paint).  My intent was to copy the shape of a top I had just bought, but then I ended up returning the top because it was better in theory (or on-line at Anthropologie) then it was when I tried it on at home.  It was a gathered design and I don’t think the two layers of organic cotton jersey with paint and backstitched embroidery would drape well.  Problem was, I had already cut the fabric to my make-shift pattern.  I had to figure out something I could make with smaller pieces, so, bolero it is.


I was thinking of using carmine fabric for the binding so I posted this photo on IG asking advice.  General consensus was white would look better and I agree, I think it will make it more versatile.  I tried the white binding with both white and red thread but I decided I liked the white best.  What do you think?





The backstitching was time consuming, but totally worth it!

I’m fully transitioned into summer now so the next thing you know, it will be back-to-school time.


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