Natalie’s Stitching Classes

I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to see a master at work. I was so fortunate to be a part of RVA Makerfest this past weekend and I got to meet so many people who are masters of their craft.  I was also inspired by how many people were there to learn.

Speaking of learning, my discovery on this Columbus Day is that Natalie Chanin, who has partnered with BluPrint, is offering her on-line stitching classes for free this week.  Check out this post on her journal.

If this gets you inspired to put needle and thread to some cotton, hit me up and I can get you started with some supplies.

In the meantime, check out these pictures from Makerfest


The American Flag brings them in all the time. This was made from an Alabama Chanin kit. I sure hope they bring the kit back again soon! On the table I had a fun hands on project. We made gift tags with stitched shapes on them. Natalie’s book The Geometry on Hand Sewing with it’s attached grids made it simple.


I got to meet some wonderful people.


And was so lucky that my sister, Cynthia, came out to help! Check out her gardening blog and you will be inspired!

I love the inspiration all of my participants brought to the project!

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by. I hope I will see you at my studio soon!