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To get my new studio’s stitching nights off to a great start, I decided to create a few small projects to share with my fellow stitchers. First up were my lavender sachets, then we made Alabama Chanin flowers from Alabama Stitch Book, and last month I decided to try something a little different.  I had been practicing the techniques is Natalie’s latest book, The Geometry of Hand Sewing, and I thought it might be fun to use some of my stripe stenciled scraps to make cuff bracelets.

IMG_0091 (1)
The grids in Natalie’s book make it so easy to make perfect sized stitches

Soon I had several different cuffs to use as examples. I even made one example really simple with just a running stitch for my friend who swears she can not sew.

The cuff in the middle is just three running stitches and a quick cut out – easy!

I got so enamored with the idea, I decided to go big. I fell in love with Natalie’s idea of building up stitches to create elaborate combinations and the example on page 87 of her Geometry of Hand-Sewing book really spoke to me so I decided to give it a try.


I decided for a cuff, I would want the stitches all in gray, so what to do with this sample? Why, make a reading glasses case from it. We were all just joking during my last stitch night that I should have lots of magnifiers around to help with needling our thread.

I just stitched a backing on this “cuff” to make it a glasses case.

Here’s what my activity looked like at my studio night. I tried to give them lots of options with different color backings and beads. I also had several strips sewn out and couching ropes.


With a little help from me and The Geometry of Hand Sewing, all of my friends made really cute cuffs – including my friend who can’t sew



Even though it is the end of summer I really wanted to make myself a white cuff with some scraps I had, so I came up with this:

Intense close up – sorry – still getting used to this new iPhone camera

And here are a few of the details:

First I sewed on two 3/4″ stripes using cretan stitch in white thread on top of two layers of white organic cotton jersey cut 7″ x 2″, then I added silver sequins in the spaces between the stitches using french knots to hold the sequins on


Then came time to decide on a fastener. I had tried using just cotton rope knots on some of my other cuffs but they kept slipping off so buttons it is


I sewed on a loop to catch the button


Since the cuff was already pretty sparkly I decided to go with a plain clear button


And now I want one in every color!

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