New Year, New Way to Connect

Well friends, so much for doing more in 2021. I’m not going to make any promises for 2022.

That said, I still love to stitch, and to share, and to connect so I’m going to try something new. I haven’t done a good job blogging my last two projects, a long Ezra jacket (seen in the video) and a Black and White Aurora pencil skirt. I’ve barely had enough time to stitch lately, much less blog, so, I’m going to try something new and vlog.

I uploaded my first real video to YouTube today and it’s about unboxing the new Alabama Chanin #TSOM DIY Kits I ordered. I’m really excited to start a new project and I want to take you guys along for the ride. I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks and probably some blunders along the way. I hope you guys will join me and even subscribe and comment if you want to encourage me to keep making videos.

P.S. – I have a lot to learn about YouTube and video making so forgive the quality. As I said in the video, great is the enemy of good and if I waited to make it great you would never see it!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Way to Connect

  1. super fun! well done! this is probably something i’ll never get to do (order a kit… get a shipment from Alabama Chanin) … not when sending two refills of sequins cost $33+ to my country …. so good to watch this and see what it’s like for someone else!


    1. Wow, that is a lot of money! These kits were a bit of a splurge for me but I needed something to reignite my motivation. Thanks so much for watching.


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