Me Made May Week Three

I’m still at it! This is the best I’ve done but I have to admit, this week I’m starting some repeats. I’m chalking that up to just realizing what really works well.

Wednesday, May 15


Working from home day, always my poodle’s favorite day. Here’s one of the first corset’s I made from a goodwill “Life is Good” T Shirt.

Pattern: Corset

Thread: Slate Button Craft

Seams: Running stitches felled to the wrong side

Stitches: Herringbone stitch on the neck binding

My favorite part of this top is that this recycled T Shirt has a great message!

Thursday, May 16


This was my son’s confirmation. It’s hard to tell but this was the outfit I made recently with the under-skirt. I realized a few things this night: my new navy push up bra is a little too effective for church, I’m going to need to do something more to make the belt more substantial (it kept curling), and I should be better at asking the picture taker to get the whole outfit. More about this outfit (including a picture of the inspiration Alabama Chanin piece) is on my Stencil Placement post.

Here are the details of the Navy dress

Pattern: Camisole kit from Alabama Chanin

Size: This is actually a small where I usually wear a medium

Technique: Negative Reverse Applique

Top Layer Fabric: Navy

Bottom Layer Fabric: Navy

Stencil: Facets

Paint Color: Not sure of the exact name but it’s a slightly silvered gray

Knots: On the right side

Seams: Felled to the wrong side

Thread: Navy Button Craft

Stitches: Herringbone on the neck binding

Additional Notions: Since I got this kit at the workshop I attended they cut pockets for me. I love pockets!!

Friday, May 17


This skirt is so subtle that I had to go outside just to be able to see the detail. This was my very first attempt to copy the Alabama Chanin style on my own …. and the reason that I now only want to use Alabama Chanin materials. There’s too much time and love given to these garments to leave it to chance. I’m not going to list details here because I don’t really remember specifics but if you want, I did write a post about it back in the day.

Saturday, May 18


Can you tell I finally got my act together and cleaned my mirror. This is another throw back to one of the first garments I made. That explains why it’s a little lot tight. I’m thinking about putting a racing stripe down the side in Natural.

Pattern: Fitted Dress

Technique: Reverse Applique

Top Layer Fabric: Ballet

Bottom Layer Fabric: Natural

Stencil: Anna’s Garden

Paint Color: Gold tulip fabric paint

Knots: Wrong Side

Seams: Running stitch felled to the wrong side

Thread: Natural Button Craft

Stitches: Herringbone on the neck binding

Sunday and Monday, May 19 and 20


Can you recognize where I am? Those are the steps that Rocky ran up. The Art Museum in Philadelphia. We didn’t go in the museum but we had a great time watching an energetic group of people salsa dancing in front of it. Here’s my peacock  fitted skirt and bolero and my panel tank – both of which I’ve already worn this month so already wrote about.

It was a great weekend with family watching my nephew graduate from Penn Dental . My “job” this weekend was to basically get my Mom there so I don’t have a great picture of my Sunday outfit, but it was basically the same outfit I wore for my son’s confirmation, sans the belt. I did snap one shot when I got to sit down for a moment, just to show the under skirt.


Tuesday, May 21

Another repeat. I wasn’t feeling too inspired after traveling all weekend so I just put on something easy.


This is the navy bolero and the unembellished navy skirt, not that you can tell because the picture is so dark. I was running out to a work meeting and couldn’t be late.

I better get doing some laundry!



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  1. Thanks keep up the Alabama Chanin posts. I read all the updates! -fb stitchalong Aaliya


  2. I love the two=tiered layers you wore in Philly (and so glad you made the efforts with Mom). Having you two there really made it special.

    You are an inspiration, Sue!


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