Me Made May Week One

Here’s my weekly wrap up of everything I wore for the first week of MeMadeMay 2019. I’ve included details on each piece.

Wednesday, May 1:


Pattern: Fitted Skirt from an Alabama Chanin DIY kit

Technique: Reverse Applique

Top Layer Fabric: Peacock

Bottom Layer Fabric: Peacock

Stencil: Magdalena

Paint Color: Dark Silver Gray

Knots: Wrong side

Seams: Felled to the wrong side

Thread: Navy Button Craft

Additional Notions: Navy fold over elastic for waistband

This skirt has been such a work horse in my closet. You’ll probably see it more than a few times this month. Here I’m wearing it with an Alabama Chanin short sleeve T shirt. This kit came with patch pockets but I didn’t put them on at first and now since I’ve washed the skirt a few times and all my edges have curled, I’m afraid the pockets  will never look the same as the rest of the skirt.

Thursday, May 2:


Pattern: This was originally from an Alabama Chanin Baby Doll Dress DIY kit. Check out my blog post about how I decided to hijack this kit and turn it in to a shirt and skirt.

Technique: Negative Reverse Applique

Top Layer Fabric: Natural

Bottom Layer Fabric: Natural

Stencil: Magdalena

Paint Color: White Gold

Knots: Wrong Side

Seams: Felled to the right side

Thread: Natural Button Craft

Stitches: Herringbone stitching on the neckline and the ruffle

Friday, May 3:


This skirt was the first Alabama Chanin project I ever did. I spoke about it, and this corset in my first blog post.

Pattern: Swing Skirt / Corset Top – both from Alabama Chanin DIY Kits

Technique: Skirt is reverse applique, Corset is unembellished

Top Layer Fabric: Skirt is Apple, Corset is Brunette

Bottom Layer Fabric: Skirt is Brunette, Corset is a single layer

Stencil: Skirt is Bloomers

Paint Color: Alabama Chanin Red

Knots: Skirt knots are on the right side

Seams: Skirt seams are left floating on the right side, Corset seams are felled on the wrong side with a straight stitch

Thread: Brown Button Craft

Stitches: Herringbone stitch on neckline binding

Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5:


I was at a travel swim meet all weekend where our swim club asks that we wear “spirit wear” to promote our club. I actually made these shirts a long time ago and gave one to each of the ladies who help drive our carpool.

Pattern: These were T shirts that I bought from Target

Technique: Reverse Applique

Bottom Layer Fabric: Red shirt has white under and Navy has Red. These were scraps from recycled T Shirts

Stencil: I made my own using stencil paper

Paint Color: Red shirt has navy paint and Navy shirt has white

Knots: Wrong side

Thread: White button craft on both

Stitches: Running stitch around the stencil

Best part of a swim meet is it gives me lots of time to stitch. You can see me finishing my white panel top in the first picture. Can’t wait to share more about this top soon!

Monday, May 6:


Oh my goodness I am terrible at selfies! Here’s the blog post about this dress.

Pattern: Self drafted to try and recreate the panel dress look however, I used eight panels not twelve. I used the fitted dress as a guide.

Technique: Stenciled only in middle third

Top Layer Fabric: Black and Navy

Stencil: Magdalena

Paint Color: Black

Seams: Felled to the wrong side

Thread: Black Button Craft

Stitches: Rosebud stitch on the neckline, running stitch on the seams

I’m wearing this with a navy crop cardigan. I have a bunch of these and I love them!

Tuesday, May 7:


Similar color story to yesterday. The unembellished navy swing skirt is actually just one of the sample sizes (large) that I made for the studio so I’m not going to write more details, because there really aren’t any. The black top is a sleeveless V neck I bought from Alabama Chanin a while back. I’m going to tell you about the bolero.

Pattern: Sleeveless Bolero in Medium

Technique: Reverse applique

Top Layer Fabric: Navy

Bottom Layer Fabric: Navy

Stencil: Magdalena

Paint Color: Black

Knots: Wrong Side

Seams: Felled to the wrong side

Thread: Black Button Craft

Stitches: Rosebud stitches on the neckline, running stitch on seams and around stencils

So far so good – I think I may actually be able to wear something everyday this year – it only took me about three years of stitching to get here.