Never Stop Learning

First of all, I want to thank all of the people who I’ve met recently in my attempt to spread the word about Alabama Chanin and what a great company they are, sharing their values and commitment to community.

I’ve told quite a few of the people I would be uploading a tutorial soon on how to sew up my DIY lavender sachet kits.  It’s going to take me a little while to pull it all together so in the meantime I wanted to share two resources I found lately.

First, if you want to learn from the master, Craftsy just reduced the price on the latest video class from Natalie Chanin: The Swing Skirt; Techniques and Construction with Natalie Chanin & The School of Making.  It was $40 but it’s now only $29.99.  If you’ve never experienced Natalie’s southern drawl and thoughtful style you should check it out.

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The other resource I discovered lately is a documentary on Netflix called: The True Cost.

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Here’s the official movie website:

I watched it the other night in preparation for attending my friend Lindsey’s, “Living Better with Fewer Chemicals” Open House.  BTW, if you get a chance, check out Lindsey’s website, Little Cottage Industry.  I love her healing sunscreen and her all natural hand sanitizer … oh, and the honey from her bees.  Listening to her tell the story of her recovering her bees after they swarmed away from her hive was a hoot!

During the Open house I got to talk with some wonderful people about the impact the fashion industry, and specifically cotton, has had on both the environment and on people’s quality of life.  According to, 2.4% of the world’s arable land is planted with cotton yet it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market and 11% of global pesticides sales, making it the most pesticide-intensive crop grown on the planet. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

We didn’t always agree, but conversations were had and that’s a great place to start.

I promise to get my sachet tutorial up soon!




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  1. Hey Sis. Had a woman in 5 Guys compliment my Alabama Chanin ‘purse’ last night. My mother-in-law was floored, because like most women in NY, she carries a Coach bag lol Love that you are part of the Clothing Conscience revolution!


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