MeMadeMay 2019

As I get ready to participate in another #MeMadeMay2019, this is a great time to look back and reflect on the garments I’ve made in the past year, many of which I’ve posted about.

If you don’t know about MeMadeMay, check out the founder’s blog or go back and read my first MeMadeMay post.

I find it interesting that besides two early outliers (my ochre scarf and red wrap top), almost everything follows the same color family. That’s going to be helpful this year in creating lots of options to wear this month.

My makes from this last 12 months

Here’s the list of makes since last May (and links to their blog posts if they have one):

I finished up my striped scarf. I made this to go with several ochre shirts I ordered from Alabama Chanin while they were on sale.


I made an Apple wrap top (to match the apple/brunette swing skirt). I haven’t blogged about this top, yet, because I don’t love it on me. Although I love the rosebud stitch on the binding, I think I made it too large and I’m not sure I put the pulls in the right place, so the fit is not quite right.


I made a tank with the bottom layer Twilight, top layer Navy with a white gold paint stenciled in Facets. I was inspired by Natalie’s collection at the time.  This was right about the time I was getting my studio up and running so I never got a blog post up for this either.


Although not a garment, next came cuff bracelets. I’m going to make an effort to wear them more this month – I usually forget. I’m wearing one in the picture above but I really like my white one.

Hmm, some of my french knots are messy!

In October I spotted an Alabama Chanin dress on Poshmark and bought it only to be told it was no longer available. So, what is a stitcher to do, try and make one. I learned a lot on this Black/Navy self drafted dress.


Then I decided to make a Navy/Black bolero to go with it. This is worked up in reverse appliqué with black painted Magdalena stencil. and more rosebud stitches. Natalie’s latest book, The Geometry of Hand Sewing, really upped my stitching game this year.


While I was on the Navy/Black color way, I made the Ezra Blazer. Wow, this was the most intricate pattern I’ve ever tried. I huge challenge for me (who doesn’t have much pattern sewing background) but totally worth the effort.


My next make was inspired by one of my favorite AC outfits from the 2006 NYFW show. I think the thing I liked best was the fact that it would also be a quick make. I wrote all about my Twilight facets fitted skirt just last month.


Then to complete the outfit, I made a Pleated Ruffle Jacket in Twilight, Navy and White. My first, but not last, time doing pleated ruffles. This one is going to be worn for my son’s confirmation this month!


Finally, a White Panel Tank with open seams on the right side stitched down with white thread using the feather stitch. This is going to be a great summer staple. I’m hoping to put on the binding and finish it up tonight!


I’ve already started my list of what I want to work on this month.

  • Finish a Twilight Belt to complete that 2006 inspired outfit
  • Alter the Alabama Chanin Penelope skirt I bought a few years back (it’s about 6″ too long) and maybe make the extra into a belt. I have been afraid to cut into it because I feel like her collection pieces are art, but, I want to be able to wear it!!!
  • Finally put a binding on a ballet corset that has been sitting on my make pile.
  • Start a pair of navy shorts (that’s right, I bought the drawstring pant pattern and since I have NO experience with pants, I’m going to make a short first so I don’t use up so much fabric.)

I love that this is a time to reflect on what you have and how you make it work.

I hope you come back and visit my blog this month during MeMadeMay as I post picture of what I’m wearing this month and we’ll see if that changes my list.